I have no hesitation in recommending Anna as a pliates teacher, she is really quite extraordinary...

Jan Rowland BBC Chief Operating Officer London


‘I have no hesitation in recommending Anna as a pilates teacher, she really is quite extraordinary. I was recommended to Anna by my osteopath to help with debilitating headaches I have suffered for many years. Having tried almost every medical and ‘alternative’ therapy, nothing seemed to work for any period of time, until Anna. She diagnosed me instantly, was confident she could help, and the results have been remarkable. Anna’s knowledge of the body and skilful technique are really first rate, and the sessions leave one with a sense of well being. Add to that a great personality and you can ask for nothing more.’

– Jan Rowland – BBC Chief Operating Officer, Drama, Entertainment & Children’s

‘Anna Tetlow has been a testament to my teaching journey right from the beginning of the Garuda. Starting off as one of my students and then supporting me as my very first teacher, Anna was by my side, helping me through those difficult first years. Our friendship has been a very close one and I regard Anna as a fine and accomplished teacher, passionate and caring, always making the learning experience special for the recipient. I feel privileged to have her on my team in Australia.’

– James D’Silva – Founder and World Leader of Garuda

‘Anna Tetlow is a reliable member of our team and has worked using her pilates skills in the rehabilitation of many of our clients. Those of which include some of the most celebrated dancers in ballet and musical theatre as well as a lot of high profile patients which include such stars as Kate Blanchett, Ralph Fiennes, Middle Eastern and South East Asian Royalty. I cannot recommend Ms. Tetlow’s skills enough. We are incredibly sorry to see her go and she would be a valuable asset to any multi disciplinary or rehabilitation clinic.’

– Mr. N. Joshi The London Medical Centre 114, Harley St. London W1

‘I have been working with Anna Tetlow for the past year and cannot recommend her highly enough. Anna has always shown the highest level of professionalism and knowledge of pilates. I have found working with her exceptionally beneficial.’

– Ralph Fiennes – Actor

‘Anna’s understanding of anatomy and physiology has enabled me to work very closely with her in developing an effective rehabilitation programme. It has been an excellent relationship, helpful to me and beneficial to my patients. During the course of our partnership we have worked closely together to achieve the best and safest results for my patients. It has been a very fruitful relationship which has often included travel as far as Los Angeles to offer patients our distinctive treatment plan. Her caring manner and patient relationship skills are a unique attribute.’

– Vicky Vlachonis MSc. (Ost), BSc (Ost) (HONS), M,R,O.

‘It is always such a pleasure visiting Anna Tetlow Pilates. They offer ultimate professionalism and the highest standard of training in the industry today! I have gained so much from their sessions and believe it can transform your body, mind and soul for a healthier life.’

– Kirsty Martins – Principal dancer The Australian Ballet

‘Throughout my 18 year career with The Australian Ballet I’ve relied on my body to maintain peak physical fitness and deliver great performances each night. Anna Tetlow Pilates has supported me through injury and rehabilitation as well as my return to work after the birth of my 3 children. Anna’s gentle, caring approach and understanding along with her expert eye for detail has been an important part of a long, healthy career and life.’

– Olivia Haddad – Principal dancer The Australian Ballet

‘Anna Tetlow has consistently shown great enthusiasm for her work at the Centre. Danceworks is a prestigious and renowned centre in Mayfair for professionals in the industry, hosting over a hundred different classes throughout the week. Anna has made pilates popular amongst our clients owing to her vast knowledge of dance and technique.’

– DANCEWORKS Ltd 16 Balderton St. London W1

‘Anna is a gifted and sensitive teacher, who has made a major contribution to the quality of our timetable as well as her student’s health and general well-being. (We are a yoga and complimentary health centre offering pilates and Tai Chi.) We would have no hesitation in recommending Anna. Her input into the Life Centre will be greatly missed.’

– The Life Centre – London’s leading Yoga Studio W8

‘The Garuda is a uniquely excellent training tool, which can transform your body shape. In my observation, students, including myself, practicing the Garuda technique seem to become lengthened and toned after remarkably few sessions. Kudos to James D’Silva for creating a technique that maximizes your body’s potential.’

– Trudie Styler – actress, director and producer

‘As an osteopath, I feel blessed to have encountered Garuda and more especially to be working in close collaboration with the people who have developed it. It is a unique apparatus that allows endless different type of exercises. I recommend Garuda for rehabilitation, core strengthening, body awareness, coordination, flexibility and general fitness. It is not only the best of its category, it’s also fun – I use it whenever I can.’

– Boniface Verney-Carron – osteopath

‘I suffered from chronic neck/shoulder pain for 3 years and have tried many treatments in the past without success. I have been attending classes at Anna Tetlow Pilates for 2 years now and under her guidance, I have strengthened my muscles and stabilised my core allowing me to not only cope and control my chronic pain, but also have my second child during this time.’

– Cyndee Ng

‘I was quite anxious about getting pregnant for a third time, having suffered from severe pelvic instability during my second pregnancy and continuing after the birth – I had very little core strength, a sore lower back and pubic symphisis pain, all of which was quite debilitating. The most minor tasks had become quite painful – I had trouble walking up and down stairs, lifting my toddler and even getting dressed!’

‘Anna was fantastic, under her instruction and guidance I was able to regain some core strength, and target specific muscles using their range of equipment. I always felt that I was in safe hands, as she expertly guided me through the various exercises. She understood my body and its various quirks and limitations (hyper-mobility and no strength is not a good combination!) She guided me through my third pregnancy, continuing to work on my strength, and my recovery was great. Thank You!’

– Susie Wilcox – Lawyer, pregnancy and post-natal client

‘Anna Tetlow Pilates keeps me moving! As a retired professional athlete, I have an elevated appreciation of what a quality pilates workout should be. Anna not only has great facilities and knowledge of the practice, but as a former ballet dancer, she has an intuitive and deeper connection to the original concept and design of pilates. Quite simply, she presents a comprehensive and balanced program that helps me maintain my core strength whilst enhancing suppleness and flexibility so that I am no longer a prisoner within my own body! :)’

– Ex-professional Basketballer

‘As an ex-professional dancer and a current pilates instructor, and having completed Level 1 Garuda equipment training, I have become enthusiastic about the extent and freedom of movement capable through the Garuda repertoire. The pilates principles of precision, concentration, control, breath, range and flow of movement are clearly relevant during the execution of the exercises. I understand Garuda to be an enhancement of and complementary to the pilates training and practice with which I have been so familiar. I would encourage everyone to experience the challenge of the Garuda repertoire and the satisfaction achieved as a direct result of the workout.’

– Peter Faux – APMA Level 3 Professional Practitioner; Principal, Peter Faux Dance Ensemble

‘Anna Tetlow has worked at Home House, London for over a year. This establishment is an exclusive, private members club attracting a variety of international members of the media, captain of industry and celebrities – many of whom numbered amongst Anna’s clients. She was responsible for introducing the discipline to many novices and indeed changing misconceptions about it.’

‘Anna’s natural grace and sense of charm were remarked on by many members and she fast built upon a dedicated client base with one or two crowned heads benefiting from her expertise. She combines a ready patience with enthusiasm and encouragement and has a delightful and refreshing sense of humour which is immediately engaging.’

– Home House 20, Portman Square London W1