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Pregnancy Pre and Post-Natal

At Anna Tetlow Pilates, we work with clients throughout their pregnancy and post-natal care and consider it a privilege to be a part of this special time with mother and baby. We are able to look after clients on a one-on-one basis, from the beginning of pregnancy right through to post-natal care – in fact, we have some clients who have been with us throughout three pregnancies, and, now with school-aged children, continue to come to Anna Tetlow Pilates for weekly sessions as part of their general health and wellbeing.

We work alongside leading obstetricians during the pregnancy and manage post-natal programs individualised to the client’s needs, whatever they may be. Anna Tetlow Pilates has very specialised and extensive professional and personal experience in this field. Many of our clients are doctors, surgeons and obstetricians.

At Anna Tetlow Pilates, we specialise in:

To promote post-natal care and exercise rehabilitation at Child and Maternal Health Centres, post-natal mat work courses are available where mothers and babies are both welcome. Classes are specially designed for mothers’ groups, continuing to share experiences with other women in restorative sessions.

Private individual or double classes particularly focus on issues faced in pregnancy, preparing for future pregnancies and post-natal regeneration. As pregnancies are always patient-specific, private classes are recommended at Anna Tetlow Pilates as the best form of pregnancy care.

Anna, with three young children herself, has personal experience of C-section rehabilitation and has been part of the management of many hundreds of pregnancies.

I was quite anxious about getting pregnant for a third time, having suffered from severe pelvic instability during my second pregnancy and continuing after the birth – I had very little core strength, a sore lower back and pubic symphysis pain, all of which was quite debilitating. The most minor tasks had become quite painful – I had trouble walking up and down stairs, lifting my toddler and even getting dressed! Anna was fantastic, under her instruction and guidance I was able to regain some core strength, and target specific muscles using their range of equipment. I always felt that I was in safe hands, as she expertly guided me through the various exercises. She understood my body and its various quirks and limitations (hyper-mobility and no strength is not a good combination!) She guided me through my third pregnancy, continuing to work on my strength, and my recovery was great. Thank You!’

– Susie Wilcox – Lawyer, pregnancy and post-natal client