Each one of us has a different moving architecture. We have to respect that

James D'Silva Garuda founder


‘GARUDA creates a sense of who you are, what you are capable of and most importantly provides the key to becoming who you want to be within your body.’

‘Garuda defines pilates for a new generation of 21st century fitness.’  - James D’Silva (creator of Garuda)

In Indian mythology, the Garuda is a sacred mythical bird that changes shape according to its function. It’s a fitting name for our new exercise system, which is unique in its versatility, flexibility and precision of movement.

Garuda’s results are striking: increased strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance, with a greater sense of ease and well-being. Garuda offers a cardiovascular workout while drawing deeply on mental focus, and teaching the sacred principle of relaxation within movement. The result is a stronger, leaner body, improved posture and true ease of movement and mind.

The Garuda employs a truly unique, new and revolutionary exercise apparatus. The Garuda combines the movement and versatility of the Reformer and the Cadillac with the precision of the Wunda Chair – providing a seemingly limitless range of exercise.

The routines and exercises are limitless and work every area of your body. The classes are designed to be challenging and fun. Since the syllabus is so broad in scope, the routines range from beginner/elementary to advanced/professional. All of the exercises are systematically devised to bring your mind back into exercise while making your body the leanest, strongest and most flexible it has ever been.

Garuda – Key focus points:

‘Anna Tetlow has been a testament to my teaching journey right from the beginning of the Garuda. Starting off as one of my students and then supporting me as my very first teacher, Anna was by my side, helping me through those difficult first years. Our friendship has been a very close one and I regard Anna as a fine and accomplished teacher, passionate and caring, always making the learning experience special for the recipient. I feel privileged to have her on my team in Australia.’

– James D’Silva

In Australia, Anna Tetlow Pilates is the founding Garuda studio, responsible for bringing the Garuda technique and teacher trainings to Australia.