The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music.
It is needful to have the instrument in good order.

Henry Ward Beeches 1813 - 1887

Technique Coaching for Dancers

Anna Tetlow Pilates is so much more than just a Pilates studio. It is Melbourne’s preeminent movement training and injury rehab centre, specialising in enhancing ballet technique. Principal Anna Tetlow has over 30 years of experience in the world of elite ballet. She trained at the Royal Ballet School, where she was taught by three of the world’s Prima Ballerina Assolutas, and went onto work with many of the world’s top professional companies and schools in England and Australia. Anna has performed and worked with numerous ballet companies including The Birmingham Royal Ballet, The Royal Ballet, Scottish Ballet, CAPAB – Cape Town City Ballet, K-Ballet in Japan and London City Ballet years touring internationally for over 10 years. Anna has taught and helped with the injury management of numerous Australian ballet principals, soloists and professional dancers and teaches and coaches aspiring students from all Melbourne’s leading ballet schools. 

At ‘Ballet at The Boulevard’ Anna offers, private tuition classes in ballet technique, assessment and correction in teaching understanding correct muscular use and alignment for elite ballet training as well as rehabilitation post operation or injury, she also offers at  ‘Ballet at The Boulevard’ pointe work strengthening for beginners or professional students post injury. Anna specialises in performance enhancement and postural correction for partnerships in ballroom and tango professionals as well as students wanting to learn correct anatomical technique from the beginning to prevent future injury. 

Using a unique blend rehabilative techniques teaching correct anatomical alignment and breathing, Anna provides independent, specialized supplementary training and advice on dance technique,injury management and performance coaching. Sessions are tailored to the individual need of the dancer, focusing on turn-out, pelvic stability, optimum hip extension, foot strength, alignment, correct thoracic placement for ports de bras, pointe work strength and muscle efficiency. Anna has developed a technique that is transferrable to the ballet class, and works to ensure dancers are firstly aware of any imbalances, and then able to take responsibility for the advancement of their own technique. This technique and anatomical knowledge of their own personal architecture empowers dancers to understand their own bodies, its strengths and injuries.

It is almost 4 years since Maeve commenced with Anna Tetlow Pilates, and now I can’t imagine ballet without it! Maeve looks forward to every session which is tailored to her needs and through the work has changed the shape of her legs, managed growth spurts and improved her strength, flexibility and technique. Maeve feels encouraged and nurtured in this very special environment.” - Maree Waterworth, parent

Anna Tetlow Pilates works alongside ballet schools and companies, in consultation with dance teachers and directors, to achieve optimum results for aspiring and elite dancers.

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Anna also offers independent advice in professional/vocational choices in dance career and training, as well as help for parents navigating the world of professional dance. During her career she has worked with aspiring professional students dancers from age 7 – 19 as well as professional ballet dancers (from corps to principals) and dancesport champions, rhythmic gymnasts, contemporary dancers, stars of Cirque du Soleil stars and choreographers.

In her provision of these rehabilitative treatments Anna Tetlow is able to utilise her long experience in professional ballet as a vital support for her Pilates, Garuda and GYROTONIC® training techniques. Anna has developed the breathwork Selah technique to assist dancers with peak performance and recovery.

‘It is always such a pleasure visiting Anna Tetlow Pilates. They offer ultimate professionalism and the highest standard of training in the industry today! I have gained so much from their sessions and believe it can transform your body, mind and soul for a healthier life.’ – Kirsty Martins, Principal dancer, The Australian Ballet

‘Throughout my 18 year career with The Australian Ballet I’ve relied on my body to maintain peak physical fitness and deliver great performances each night. Anna Tetlow Pilates has supported me through injury and rehabilitation as well as my return to work after the birth of my 3 children. Anna’s gentle, caring approach and understanding along with her expert eye for detail has been an important part of a long, healthy career and life.’

– Olivia Haddad, Principal dancer, The Australian Ballet

‘It is almost four years since my daughter Maeve commenced with Anna Tetlow Pilates, and now I can’t imagine ballet without it! Maeve looks forward to every session which is tailored to her needs and through the work has changed the shape of her legs, managed growth spurts and improved her strength, flexibility and technique. Maeve feels encouraged and nurtured in this very special environment.‘ – Maree Waterworth

‘Walking into Anna Tetlow Pilates you are immediately immersed in calmness, tranquility and warmth. A nurturing environment that is perfect for the real work on body, soul and mind to take place. Our daughter has been fortunate to have Anna Tetlow work with her on a weekly basis to support and enhance the work she does in the dance studio. Garuda and Pilates are the perfect compliment to classical ballet in that they focus on the balance and strength of not only the body but also the mind. Anna’s understanding of anatomy and her keen eye for the physical and mental requirements of a classical dancer is invaluable to our daughter’s development. Sessions are motivating, challenging and carefully designed, targeting the needs of a developing dancer. As a parent I also see this time as being an opportunity for our daughter to discover herself, her physical and mental capabilities and work on her own goals with Anna’s guidance and support. Our daughter leaves every session revived, relaxed and energised for the challenges of the dance studio. In addition, she is empowered with new understandings of herself as a dancer and as a person.’ – Karen Clare, Melbourne.

‘I have been referring classical ballet students and friends to Anna for over a decade. She has a wealth of knowledge in classical ballet, postural alignment, injury rehabilitation, strengthening, conditioning, general fitness and well being. Her careful, nurturing guidance is detailed and tailored specifically for each individual body. The improvements in my student’s technique and the knowledge they gain from her sessions is an essential part of their progress. Not only do they learn more about their own bodies but they learn how to take this knowledge and translate it into their daily technique and training. Anna is extremely passionate about her work and this is evident in the quality of treatment you receive in each session at her studio. I highly recommend Anna.’ – Kerrie McArthur, Melbourne