The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music.
It is needful to have the instrument in good order.

Henry Ward Beeches 1813 - 1887

Technique Coaching for Dancers

Over the last decade Pilates, Garuda and Gyrotonic® techniques have become an integral part of dance training, and they form a necessary component in the development of young dancers aspiring to a professional career. Understanding correct muscle use, improving technique and managing injuries are vital in any successful dance career. At Anna Tetlow Pilates, we work together with the dance teacher and physiotherapist in injury management and we specifically work on the individual’s muscle efficiency and optimum technique. Anna continues to examine in professional ballet schools, coaches and rehabilitates both young aspiring ballet dancers and principal dancers and artist of the Australian Ballet at the studio.

Internationally, the best schools teaching ballet recognise the significant role that Pilates, Garuda and Gyrotonic® play in ensuring the health and well-being of young dancers, who are continuously exposed to the risk of injury and muscular stress related activities.

In her provision of these rehabilitative treatments Anna Tetlow is able to utilise her long experience in professional ballet as a vital support for her Pilates, Garuda and Gyrotonic® training techniques.

‘It is always such a pleasure visiting Anna Tetlow Pilates. They offer ultimate professionalism and the highest standard of training in the industry today! I have gained so much from their sessions and believe it can transform your body, mind and soul for a healthier life.’

– Kirsty Martins – Principal dancer The Australian Ballet

‘Throughout my 18 year career with The Australian Ballet I’ve relied on my body to maintain peak physical fitness and deliver great performances each night. Anna Tetlow Pilates has supported me through injury and rehabilitation as well as my return to work after the birth of my 3 children. Anna’s gentle, caring approach and understanding along with her expert eye for detail has been an important part of a long, healthy career and life.’

– Olivia Haddad – Principal dancer The Australian Ballet