We only have one body and it is our responsibility to bring out the best in it.

James D'Silva Garuda Founder

Teacher Training – Anna Tetlow Pilates

For over 15 years, Anna Tetlow Pilates has been offering professional development to qualified teachers wanting to expand their repertoire and take their craft to the next level. Please contact us for more information relating to up-coming courses, teachers trainings and workshops or if you would like to try a Garuda equipment class.

‘Garuda is an accumulation of my life’s work and Anna has been loyal to teaching Garuda across the globe. She is a master trainer of Garuda and is responsible for Garuda Australia.

I have known professionally and as a close friend Anna for twenty years, working and travelling with her internationally. She was my first teacher and I mentored her after a foot  injury had forced early retirement from her own international professional career as a ballet dancer.  As our work continues to align itself with both dance and rehabilitation it is natural transition that Anna continues mentoring teachers herself so maintaining the same professional progression. Quality Teachers Training takes deep understanding, many years of experience and dedication to passing on knowledge to the next generation of teachers and is of the upmost importance.

I trust Anna’s judgment and appreciate her values which we share in life and work. With endless dedication to teaching and mentoring I am privileged to have her run my teachers’ trainings, helping to grow Garuda from the grass roots with all the integrity and exactness it demands both as a philosophy and as a movement physiology.’ - James D’Silva, Garuda founder

‘Doing the Garuda Teacher Training with Anna gave me a fresh perspective to my pilates teaching skill. Garuda works with the whole body and has a great flow and rhythm to it. It almost feels like a moving meditation; you only focus on yourself, your body and your breath. An hour feels like a minute – it goes so fast when I do the Garuda technique. Anna is an incredible knowledgeable and inspirational teacher. She knows how to work my smallest, deepest muscles. I love every second of her class, whether she’s teaching the exercise or presenting Garuda philosopy. Amazing explanations, amazing teaching skills, loving personality! Any pilates or yoga teachers will benefit from doing the training. Highly recommended!’ – Steph Lauw, Indonesia

‘I first met Anna Tetlow whilst training full-time in dance. What a revelation it was to discover the freedom of movement, and yet fluidity and strength the Garuda Method offers. It was the catalyst that changed my whole direction so that now whilst studying for a degree in Exercise Science, I am working to compliment the skills I continue to learn while being mentored by Anna. I am excited at the potential for bringing this holistic approach to training and rehabilitation.‘ – Shanae, Melbourne

‘Finding a new path after 20 years of  ballet dancing was a difficult time for me and entering the world of Garuda Pilates and a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science has been the best decision towards reconnecting with my passion in movement.

Anna has enabled me to feel and guide my body with ease, freedom and purpose. She has been an incredible mentor who expresses an endless amount of energy and knowledge towards all aspects of the body and mind. Garuda Pilates has opened a whole new door for me and I’m extremely honored and excited to see where it leads me.‘ – Jarrah, Melbourne ‘

Anna has been a testament to my teaching journey right from the beginning of the Garuda. Starting off as one of my students and then supporting me as my very first teacher, Anna was by my side, helping me through those difficult first years. Our friendship has been a very close one and I regard Anna as a fine and accomplished teacher, passionate and caring, always making the learning experience special for the recipient. I feel privileged to have her on my team in Australia.’ – James D’Silva, Founder of Garuda Method.